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Updated: May 22, 2018

Barber Society is a resource-based organization designed to connect individuals to the people, products or services they need to grow their career and business. This community offers a unique and diverse group of students, professionals, shop/school owners, product companies and manufacturers who understand the value in working together to maintain the ecosystem in the barbering industry healthy and full of opportunities. They believe in being inclusive and welcome anyone at any level or background to be part of the movement. Their mission is to ignite curiosity, encourage growth thru empowerment to help our communities and become a positive influence to those around us.


Loui Reynoso founded Barber Society out of a need to be part of a community and network of people who are passionate about their craft and career. Her work began through MoDown Barber Exhibit- an annual trade show and competition in Los Angeles. Which quickly spiraled into a series of smaller events such as Dapper Sundays, where she gathered local artist to network and collaborate. Understanding that barbering is an independent industry and that others may be facing the same or similar challenges.

The quest began to build the organization; her true passion is in the development of others and helping artist build businesses.

Hair Palooza has just confirmed Loui Reynoso will be in the building as our special guest June 17th in Las Vegas, Nevada. We cant wait to hear what she has to say as we open up the main stage to her and her team. Barber Society will also have a booth available including apparel such as hats, jackets, shirts, and accessories that will enhance your personal brand. We are truly inspired by the comtinuos efforts of Barber Society to elevate the Barber and Beauty Industry. They bridge the gap for informative, educational , and developmental information creating a community of support within the industry. Join us as we network, connect and collaborate with those that share your ideas and values across the globe!

Become a member of the Barber Society Community and visit and stay up to date with the highlights and happenings in the barber and beuaty industry.

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