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Updated: May 10, 2018

This year DG Grooming Essentials is Hair Palooza's prime sponsor offering a special prize package for the first place winners of the Hair Palooza's barber competitions. But wait theres more!

The First Place Winner of the Freestyle and Beard category will receive an exclusive

Brand Ambassador Agreement. This opportunity will help gain valuable experience, national exposure, travel perks, and networking opportunities! We are extremely excited to see who will walk away with this amazing opportunity.

But wait, who is the DG Grooming Essentials? Im glad you asked!

Distinguished Gentlemen Grooming Essentials

DG Grooming Essentials captures the necessities of male grooming in a professional and personal way made for the distinguished gentleman.

DG Grooming Essentials offers high quality, high end, and high efficacy products that were developed by men, to help them through the process of elevating themselves. This prime grooming brand is a refined man's solution of choice.

Their purpose is to educate men on the process of presenting themselves to the world as well groomed and stylish gentlemen of distinction. The goal is to deliver the message that men who attend themselves feel better and have more confidence, which helps them excel in all areas of life.

DG Grooming Essentials was established by three men from St. Louis Missouri Metro Area, who's vision for entrepreneurial success flourished with shared faith and vision. Their values are deeply rooted in developing a heightened sense amongst men in the areas of faith, finances, and fashion!

During their community out reach, Turner, Mac & Young discovered other men essentially wanted well maintained skin, hair and overall body treatment. Because of this, they created a grooming line that would educate men in doing just that. Not only are Distinguished Gentlemen behind the brand, but they also provide educational information that showcases cool informative and simple tips, ideas in modern grooming. They promise to leave a legacy of unquestionable integrity!

Are you ready to be a DG? Visit for information on the DG Grooming Essentials Affiliate Program, and receive exclusive discounts, free grooming tips and fashion trends.

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