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I'm My Own Competition

Updated: May 17, 2018

Aldrema Conerly-Williams aka Drema, a hairstylist from Dallas, Tx by way of Bogalusa, La has been a platform artist for Bronner Brothers out of Atlanta, she was the artistic director for Nairobi Products out of South Carolina and the founder of Dream Team Trendsetters. She was also the creator of the Bring Whacha Got Hair Battle, and is now the designer of IMOC HARDWEAR Apron line and the Writer, Director and Producer of “Cuttin Up” at the Beauty Shop.

There is no doubt this powerful woman always raises the bar as she continues to push her boundaries to become a better version of who she was yesterday. IMOC Hardwear was created while Drema tirelessly looked for an apron that would define herself and how she wanted to represent her business.

IMOC is abbreviated for "I’m My Own Competition" and the HARDWEAR represents the hinges, chains, rings, clamps, etc that gives the look of strength and power from within.

Little did she know that this creation would be a concept that would challenge her to create her brand.

Drema had little knowledge on how designing, creating or sewing anything that had to do with fabrics and material. But that did not stop her from creating her vision and bringing it to life. IMOC HARDWEAR is trendy, edgy, and is the fastest growing innovative line of aprons on the market.  

Any company or individual who works in an environment that are required to wear an apron to protect their clothing while working can benefit from these unique creations. Keep in mind, they can be really high fashion therefore you may not consider them for everyday wear unless that’s who you are! 

Every element of IMOC HARDWEAR Aprons are all handmade from both leather and a high quality marine vinyl, from the straps, stud work, specialty material, etc.

The future plan for IMOC HARDWEAR will continue to be a boutique style design as well as a high end retail item. Drema is currently in negotiations with a custom, private label production company to help with production for retail but the specialty department will continue to be created exclusively.

IMOC HARDWEAR will be selling their hi fashion aprons at Hair Palooza Las Vegas June 17th at the Embassy Nightclub. So if your looking to draw attention and take the industry by storm make sure you stop by their booth before you hit the stage.

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